My husband stripped me naked in front of my neighbours

I am Nine Years in my marriage now. Mine was a relationship made in heaven when i met my husband. I felt that at last, God has given me that man. I sincerely desired because I had gone through some relationships that I felt was abusive and had left them because I believed that I was not ready to be the victim in any marriage until I met this man that treated me like a Queen.

Less than 24 hrs after my marriage, I saw the first drama, my in-laws, both Mother, sisters of my husband were acting a serious physical drama, I was embarrassed because my husband has told me very beautiful things about his people, how loving and peaceful they were, so you could imagine the surprise.

Less than 3 months into the marriage, my husband started with abusive words, he so abused me emotionally and physiologically that I lost my identity as a lady.

I was always afraid because I did not know what I would do next that would cause problems, he said I must resign, i refused because there was no kids yet, i told him that if we had kids then i could consider that, he said so many nasty things that I would not want to recall.

He made Love to me whenever he pleased, and if for any reason i touched him,  he made me look like a prostitute begging for sex, the list was long,  in all this I refused to reply back but always apologized whenever the nagging started.

He then became angry that I was too dull and was always saying Sorry and from henceforth, he wont want to hear a Sorry in his house, he told me I was not well trained by my parents, and  insulted my siblings.

Then, within six months into the marriage, He was having a relationship with an older woman whom i met mistakenly, I had gone to his office to inform him that I was around the vicinity as I wanted to go for a Church Meeting around there.

 Meeting this lady was mine SIN, who told me about the lady ?, why was i monitoring his movement ?, he said that since relating to me, I did not give him access to my salary, the lady in question would give him business worth millions.

He started keeping late nights and one day, I said to him, If he wanted the lady as a wife he should boldly make her one and stop keeping late nights.

For daring to talk about the lady, I got a Hot Slap in my face, I remembered the adage, it starts with a slap and then the blows.

 I gathered courage and gave him two hot slaps and pushed him down trying to escape, he picked me up, stripped me naked and dragged me out of the house and told all that cared that they should come and see what makes me feel like a woman, because i felt I had breast and a Virgina, I think I can entice him with it,  it was other men in the compound that seized my naked body from his grip and took me into their house, found a long t-Shirt and I wore it.

Immediately I came out, he started the fight, I knew if I did nothing that I was in for it, I stretched my hand for a ceramic cup, and used it on his head, he let me go as he was bleeding profusely.

That was the end of the fight,  he informed his mother and brothers and they told me that it was now a fight to finish.

To cut the long story short, even though my husband was stronger/bigger than myself, I had to fight back with my little strength. I could not bear any beating and knowing that once married you are married for life, that means the beatings will continue for life.

 I could not give in, when he noticed that I wasn't going to give into his beating; he stopped being physical; and continued with his usual talk.

Sometimes I ask myself what am I really doing in this marriage, I just keep enduring each day, and is not easy.
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