I'm glad I found out my boyfriend is married at the right time

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Hello Madam,

I love the true life stories I read on your blog, please share mine.
I knew this guy 4 years ago one of this social media, he works in Exxon Mobil, he asked me out once, I refused cause then I feared social media dating and moreover I was in school, so I said no.

He respected that, but once in a while it was hi hi.

Last year he was on leave, him being a busy person, and coincidentally me too, we started chatting, oh my God only one month of deep chating and calling I was in love.

I'm an introvert, dear bv, I found my best friend, he was too good to be true, I sleep smiling n wakes up smiling, he was exactly what we call Hollywood romance movie.

I started fasting telling God thank you, all this while he never ask me out even with the chemistry we had, I made him happy and he made me happy, with all this we never met.

To cut a long story short, during my fasting telling God thanks for giving me more than I ask for, I dreamt of how someone said go to his Face book, I will show you something, fb that I have done all my FBI job finish, and I found nothing.

Bam immediately I woke up, God took me to a tiny hidden comment, bam guy was married, I cried and cried cause I knew that happy life was not real, in all the closeness he never ask me out, but I taught maybe it was because I turned him down years back that he taking his time.

 The good part was that, we planned seeing but I discovered that before we met, we are still good friends, if I never vowed never to date a married man, would had still continue with that relationship cause I was alive again.

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I'm glad I found out my boyfriend is married at the right time I'm glad I found out my boyfriend is married at the right time Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on June 10, 2017 Rating: 5

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