Why do I always meet the wrong men?

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Hello madam, kudos for the good job you are doing on this blog. God bless your soul.
I am an ardent reader of your blog though i hardly comment.

Now to my story, this might be a long read but i need your advice and that of other blog users.

I am a 31 year old lady, got married at the registry sometimes with plan to have traditional and church wedding 5-6months after, this is because my parents don't live in the country. But things turned soar before the marriage even started. I realised the guy is a fraud, gold digger, into drugs and highly irresponsible even though he is civil servant.

 On realising some of these things i decided to stall the wedding plans and dig further, meanwhile my parents were making plans for the marriage being their first child.

In d course of my digging i discovered other stuffs and I had to open up to my dad cuz I'm closer to him. He was sad, disappointed and asked what my decision was. Told him i can't continue with the marriage and he and my mum supported me.

I told him my decision as well and I informed his siblings and parents and they all pleaded with me but I had made up my mind. I spoke with a lawyer and he said since i already have a marriage certificate from the registry i have to file for a divorce.

 Imagine filing for a divorce for a marriage i hadnt even started as we haven't started living together yet. He frustrated me by not agreeing to divorce me and claimed I am his wife whether i like it or not.

After about 13 months after the saga I was able to commence the divorce proceedings and we are still in court almost 2yrs.

In btw all of these, guys ask me out but I felt I couldn't date any one else till my divorce pulls through but there's this street friend of mine whom we just talk once in a while, and exchange greetings on phone too. I know his gf, but we dont talk, he knows my soon to be ex too and they don't talk.

We were talking on day and he asked about him and i told him we are no longer together. Few weeks later he started getting close and i suspected something was up.

We spoke about it like matured adults and i asked him about his gf. He told me they were having issues and they can't marry each other.. His excuse was same AS -AS genotype and ask i give him time to end the relationship he has with her.

I agreed and we started dating but after about a month the girl started coming over to his house every weekend Fri-Mon morning. I complained and he kept saying its not what it seem that i should give him time that he doesn't want them to have a bitter breakup.

 I tried to break up with him 2ce that when he is through with her we can continue or we just go our separate ways. He convinced me and i kept holding on for him.

Few days ago..I went to see a friend of mine a guy who he knows and but he got angry that i didn't tell him before going. It got heated up and I had to tell him to stop being jealous that the guy was just a friend and he knows this.

I told him what about me that i know he's always with another lady every weekend but i still try to keep my calm even though it hurts and my friend felt i was being stupid to have agreed to such.

 Second day after our quarell, i had to go see my friend again cuz we have a pending issue at hand but this time i told him before going and he asked me not to be long. I realised it will take me a while before coming back so I calked him to avoid another quarrel and he said okay but to my surprise when i got back I went to his house and he didn't open the door nor pick my calls.

 I felt he was angry and we would iron it out the next day. But next morning he broke up with me saying i didn't set my priorities right that i left him to go see a friend bla bla... I tried to explain but he wouldn't have any of it. I felt he was angry and when he calms down we would talk.. But its been 4 days and we still aren't talking. Then i realised his gf came to his house last night...

I am not willing to beg him again. I will just let things be but I'm scared of something. I borrowed him 600k two days before the first quarrel and he even wanted to give me his car document as collateral and wanted us to do a transfer ownership of his car to me in case he defaults to pay back.

 As he is suppose to pay back next month end but i felt he was trust worthy and we didn't do the documentation before i released the money.

Dear blog visitors, is this guy trying to play smart by breaking up with me and doesn't want to give me back my money or he's just angry? I need to know what to do as to get back my money as at when we agreed.

 This is a guy i tried to break up with earlier and he convinced me, how come he is now able to break up with me after he has my money with him.

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