Life Became So Tough & Hard After I Married My Wife

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This is my story: it is said that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord but i am at a cross road if it is the same case with me. I met my wife sometime in January 2015; we were not dating then but just friends. Along the line, we started catching feelings for each other and fast forward to June last year, i proposed to her on her birthday.

before i traveled to her base for the proposal, my dad had some prostate issues that nearly made me to call off the engagement but i summoned courage and went ahead.

After that, we started the marriage process so I had to visit the siblings to show my face as their custom demanded. I started in earnest to buy the things written in the list for the consummation of the marriage but on the day i was taking some of the items to her base for onward movement to the village, my brother staying with me was kidnapped.

I was on my way when the kidnappers started calling me to send money; I was distraught but i continued with my journey (thank God he later escaped from their den in Iyana-oba, Lagos)

The marriage date was fixed and we were all in high spirits. On the day I sent for the reception hall, I was sacked without any reason. considering the fact that i was recently promoted and given a pay rise, it was weird.

I told her that we will have to shift the white wedding till i get another job but she said no. We managed to go ahead with the traditional and white wedding which took place in December last year.

Before I lost my job, i usually had invites to various interviews but i usually never went for any of them but now, I have applied to more than hundred organizations without getting an invite; have prayed, fasted, given my tithe and done good to the best of my ability but nothing seems to work out job wise.

The reason i am sending this is to know if anybody has ever been in my shoe and what they did to come out of it. I am a social scientist, highly intelligent, hardworking, honest and a great learner yet when i send out my resume, it seems they ignore me or is there something spiritual behind it?

 In my father's house I am the first male to get married even among my cousins who are more than 15 years older than me.

Please i need advise on what next to do and how to go about doing it because i know many people have got help from this blog hence my decision to send mine because right now, I am thinking whether I made a mistake in getting married and why favor has not followed me yet.

My wife is a prayer warrior and a great source of encouragement who has never complained because of my present predicament but I am worried because she is pregnant right now with a severe case of gestational hypertension sometimes rising to 180/115 and no job is forth coming.

Please help me post my long epistle cos I know my help may be here.

Thanks so much dear for this platform.

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