Everyone In My Family Is In A Standstill, I'm Loosing My Mind & Life Is Becoming Meaningless

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Hello Madam
First and foremost …I want to applaud your good work over the years, you have been a great inspiration to many people.I just need to pour out my problem to the world. I am young woman in my twenties, grew up in a family of 4 , comprising of 3 guys and myself. My parents hustled very hard to give us the best according to their ability, went to good private primary and secondary schools.

My parents struggled to make sure we all become graduates on or before age 21 years , which we all achieved except for 1 of us who decided to go astray,joined bad friends, to the point of refusing to proceed to the university ( though he was the most intelligent, everyone thought he would be d best), well this is story for another day. At a point we prayed for him to be dead instead of the disgrace and shame he brings and still bringing to us all:

My parents were just average financially, we were one big promising happy family, d kids to watch out for….until things got really bad 4 my parents all of a sudden, everything was going down the drain, dad lost his job, decided to build a house in one of the major cities with his savings and entitlement, hoping to make it commercial to enable him get a good source of income,even sold his few plots of land in Lagos just to make sure this project was completed,that house was demolished in just a year of completion(2003).

The family’s business suddenly crumbled ,things were going down gradually.We kept on praying for things to pick up, till d worse happened, Mum fell ill , in less than a year , she gave up. our world crumbled ,because she was everything to us all, since we were practically living on her salary. Mum was the driving force,a woman that vowed we were all gonna be graduates no matter the circumstances… At worse , we all thought Dad was gonna go first because of how his investments crumbled to his face, he prayed for death severally but it refused to come

Meanwhile, my 2 elder brothers had finished school, ..We thought things were going to be better, not knowing the worse days were ahead of us… Along the line my 1st bros got a job in a construction company were he started with about 50k (2007),in less than 3 months, he lost the job, lost everything , he came back home to us , got another, lost it …In the process, he attempted travelling out but was denied visa about 2 or 3 times, after borrowing from all our relatives….He has suffered so much , as never gotten a paid job above 50k till date, a guy that left school about 12 years ago, by now ,people at his level are all heading branches in organisations, managers and doing so well raising their own family..

He is is 33 years , graduated in 2005, studied civil engineering, this is 2017, he does not have #2000 to his name.I cried another round of tears when he called me last week begging for #2000 to go see a doctor as he is having some pains in his eyes…living from hand to mouth, no job , he is presently doing a freelance job, building and supervising a catholic church building, which he built excellently well. The funny thing is he is very good at this and a professional but who will believe he has no penny, he cant even take care himself , not to talk of our old father..

My other brother is 32 , graduated in 2006 as a mechanical engineer, as at today as nothing to his name , not even a rented room, practically living from hand to mouth as his brother. He got a job in company where he was paid less than 35k a month ,which he did for years on same salary, till he also lost his job ,till now , nothing.He cant even afford 1k for himself.

Same applies to myself, I lost the job I have been surviving with for years ,and helping out very well in the family and my fathers health now I am practically penniless , ..I have suffered ,cried to God every night, but things seem to be getting worse .I am writing this cos am scared my future will just get worse, cos all hope to get a good job seems to be lost as I don’t even know who to run to …Imagine all the kids born to a family are all jobless and cant even take care of ourselves not to talk of having their own family or our aged father who is ill at the moment. I just wonder what will be our fate if we loose him as nobody has a dime to even contribute for anything..

Gradually am loosing my mind, this life is becoming meaningless to me..I don’t know y God cant show us mercy ….If we the children are paying for our fore fathers sins that we know nothing off , is what we cant even explain.This pain is becoming unbearable.

I can’t even write all our ordeal here, or all we have have passed through.. its too bad, very pathetic..
Don’t suggest family deliverance, cos we have done all manners of prayers ,liberation and deliverance , yet thing get worse by the day ..It is that bad that None of us can produce #5000 comfortably if there is any family emergency today.This also applies to my extended family , uncles and aunties all struggling to feed, they are even looking up to us cos we seem to be the brightest of all cos of our upbringing…

The level of poverty, I don’t even wish it 4 my worse enemy. For over 15 years , we have been stagnant , if not getting worse by the day..Every new year we say this year is a better year,but by d day it gets worse..
Now I have even lost the words to speak to GOD cos it seems he has turned a deaf ear on my family for us to suffer this much …we really need God’s intervention In my family.I believe we will be liberated soon, but how?
Could this be a generational curse? (My parents were d most peaceful people I know )

is there any one who has worse case than mine ?
How did you pull through?

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