My Sister Is Cheating On Her Husband For Not Supporting Her Financially

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It's a very long story but let me cut it short

Back in my secondary days my sister got married to a man from Imo state, within two years they gave birth to two beautiful daughters (twins), few months after giving birth the husband was diagnosed with eye cancer, which after much treatment he passed away.

The families of the man refused my sister of everything, they went as far as telling her to go away with the kids, that they are evil, that they want nothing to do with her and the children. So she came back home, my parents tried everything possible to resolve the issue but to no avail, so we accepted the kids as ours, they even started bearing our last name.

Few years later a man asked for my sister's hand in marriage, like two to three years into the marriage she gave birth to a boy and a girl, by then I was already schooling in UNN and I normally don't travel back home constantly.

She calls at times to ask how I was doing and sometimes complains of how her husband doesn't bring money for anything in the house, that she is the one that pays for everything concerning the kids schooling, that she can count the number of times her husband brings money for paying of rent and for feeding.

She reported him to his people but nothing was done, after much complaining she said she's not interested in the marriage anymore, some of our family members advise her not to leave the marriage that is not right via her being married before, but she refused, that she can't be the man in the house by taking care of everything that they (the husband and her) should be doing together. So she went ahead to rent her own apartment and brought along her the two kids, few months after moving out her husband was evicted for failing to pay his rent.

I graduated this year and decided to go visit her and from there find something doing before I leave for service, on my reaching there I asked her what is happening via her marriage, she told me that since she moved here her husband has never for once asked of the kids, even to send money for their upkeep he has not done it, so out of anger he sent his son to him as he is the eldest, to take care of him.

Since I got to her house there is this guy that visits her and calls her constantly, she even visits him almost if not every night.

I want to talk to her about it, so everyone in the house please what can I do? Should I stay mute or not? If not, what should I tell her?

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