She Gave Me Her Facebook Password Voluntarily, Why?

I didn't ask for her Facebook password.. we just started dating.. I'm not insecure but I've heard many things about her before we started dating (that she has a lot of orbiters (guys hitting on her 247)).

She must have thought: 'this guy has heard the rumors about me", thus her trying to earn my trust by giving me such a personal thing as a Facebook password? i didn't decline the offer..

Also to add, she's always really nice like super nice when we're together, like this holy Mary attitude and my dad always say: if it's too good it's not true. Could she be that wolf in sheep clothing? have any of you guys encountered such a person? it wouldn't be safe to assume now that she's a pretender.. what are your thoughts on this?

Edit: Some of the nice things she's done are:

*Giving to road side beggar as we drive on a date
*Paying for the food
*Sharing food and drinks with my friends

And generally, not getting angry no matter how hard i pick on her... I think I'm getting played big time. How can i know her true character? though I've checked her messages and saw her flirt messages with her Ex, nothing out of the norm.

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She Gave Me Her Facebook Password Voluntarily, Why? She Gave Me Her Facebook Password Voluntarily, Why? Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on October 14, 2017 Rating: 5

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