There Is So Much Hunger In The Land

The title of my blog is when your life inspires, this is because I intend to help alot of people, I want to touch as much lives as I could, is my dream for this blog, and I hope it comes to past some day.

I observed that they're no jobs lately, alot of people have lost their job this year alone, these are people who feed their families, train their loved one's, pay school fees of their kids, house rent etc. All of a sudden your company downsize and you're faced with reality and in a helpless situation.

I've discovered that people discover their talents during hardship, I ve featured countless stories of graduate using their talents as means of survival because they could not find a job. My vision is to have back up from companies and organisations that would be willing to sponsor young entrepreneurs who have discovered their talents in various aspects and establish them.

I'm hoping it will come to pass someday. I've been blogging since january 2016, no dime from it yet, but I'm not pertubed, because I want this vision to come to pass. I've spent so much on internet data, but yet I'm not discouraged. My greatest desire is to touch lives and change people situation for good.

There is a lady that left a comment that she can't feed her children and she needs help, she left her account details, if you ve in excess and you want to bless someone, please send me an email on or reach me on 08073586654. You might just be the last hope for someone out there to survive, It is more blessed to give than to recieve.

Thanks dear blog visitors for being there.
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