2 Months Ago Vs Now: Guy Recovers From Deadly Trailer Accident That Killed All

A young guy who miraculously survived a fatal accident that killed scores has told of how he recovered two months after the accident and was able to walk though doctors feared he never would.

Fegor Williams was on Lokoja road, journeying to Abuja with his mother, when a tanker carrying fuel fell while trying to overtake and caught fire. The bus he was travelling in with his mother also caught fire and he lost consciousness for a while. When he came to, he saw his mother and other passengers burning alive but he found himself away from the burning bus though he can't explain how that happened.

He is now fully recovered only months after the accident, and though he has now been rendered an orphan by that accident, he's grateful to still be alive.

Read his wonderful testimony below;
"I want to take this time to give thanks to the almighty God for what he has done in my life...On july 28 2017 i had an accident on my way to abuja along lokoja road..A tanker which was carrying fuel fell while trying to get through two keke along the road and it caught fire...The vehicle i was in also caught fire and i passed out..I opened my eyes to see myself on the floor across from where the vehicle containing 18 people including my mom was burning..

I tried to stand up and run because everybody around the area was running because the vehicle was about to explode but i could not and then i noticed that i had sustained multiple injuries all over my body and my right leg was broken and i could not walk..i begged a man who was running to help me and then he carried me to a safe side where the fire would not harm me..i was then taken to the hospital by a man known as pastor daniel.

I spent the night in the hospital in lokoja and it was while i was in the hospital i found out that only me and a man survived in that vehicle but the rest including my mom and the two keke drivers was burnt to ashes..i tried contacting my family members but i couldn't because i only knew my moms phone number.

I was filled with joy when my family members found me the next day,they said they saw the accident on the news and they came to check for survivors..i was then discharged from that hospital in lokoja and taken to a specialist home in abuja where i received treatments..

I thank God for sparing my life because up till now it's a mystery how i got out of that vehicle because i dont even know how i got out..and i also thank God that i am able to walk again today because the doctors in the hospital were saying things like i would not be able to walk again and they said my blood was low but the almighty God saw me through and now i am fully healthy and sound...

I lost my mom in that accident and i am now an orphan because i lost my dad two years ago,but that does not make me question God or stop me from thanking him because if not for his mercy and grace i would have been dead by now because some of my mates were burnt to ash in that accident..The almighty God is indeed a merciful and faithful God,so i urge u christians to serve him faithfully."

2 Months Ago Vs Now: Guy Recovers From Deadly Trailer Accident That Killed All 2 Months Ago Vs Now: Guy Recovers From Deadly Trailer Accident That Killed All Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on November 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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