My Best Friend Betrayed Me, I Want To Teach Her A Lesson

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Dear Madam,

I need you and your BVs to please help me get through this horrible feeling..

Please hide my ID because I suspect some people who might know read this Blog and help me remove anything you think i might be traced with...

Jealousy is real,treachery and deceit are also real and it hurts,all cut sharper than a knife and i am badly burnt.

My best friend has found love with my about to be boyfriend and is about to get Married and all I can think of is how to scatter their love....Note that i have never been like this and both of them met through me when he came visiting me from the US and we hung out together.

He is my god parents son and I had been hoping we could do something together because we had been talking about us ending up together for a while...He came home because of me and my friend knew this.......she followed me to the Meeting with him because I was nervous and didnt wanna end up in his bed on a first date.

I didnt see them exchange numbers or anything so you can imagine my shock when two months later she travelled to the US and said she ran into him briefly and they had Lunch together.......
She is my best friend and I trusted her totally.

They do not know that i know yet but from what i gathered they are planning a quick wedding and that is when they plan to tell me...They plan a registry wedding and my informant says they started their affair from Nigeria after she escorted me to meet him.....HOW?

I am planning to pretend I dont know and tell him things about her that will piss him off and scatter them.....This is the only thing that will heal me right now.

She has had about 5 Abortions this year and she has a recurrent STD and she uses love portion from an old lady in port harcourt to catch men.

I need to teach her a lesson but do i leave her for God to fight for me or do this?

So hurt,angry and confused.

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My Best Friend Betrayed Me, I Want To Teach Her A Lesson My Best Friend Betrayed Me, I Want To Teach Her A Lesson Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on November 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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