My Life Has Been Stagnant Ever Since I Turned Down My Ex-Boyfriend Proposal

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Hi Dear, i trust you are good ?
Plz i have an issue that i feel like it has gotten out of hand .
I grew up to be this lucky chap,i am the kind of person that when i pray God listens. Growing up wasn't easy but with God it was from grass to grace .

I graduated few years ago and got a good job was doing so well,got a car,and was happy. I also met this young looking Lagos guy that was also based in same area as mine and we got into a relationship. He was everything i ever needed,money,fun,love everything like the full package.

Unfortunately,he wanted marriage so badly and i felt like he was rushing me plus we had religion differences,i was a Christian, he was a Muslim,my father didn't mind though cos this guy was really cool and wasn't a practicing Muslim, like those who pray 5times a day and all that,he no dey go mosque self but his FAM na Muslim.But my mum was totally against it.

He said he has to settle down early but i needed to slow down and think things through, moreover i was in my mid 20's so i wasn't really buying the rush thing. We dated for two more years bf I traveled for a workshop out of the country and bf i came back he totally changed,he started avoiding me etc for no reason at the long run we broke up i just kept my distance likewise him.

11months later he got married to this Lady, i checked her out and saw that she was one of those attending white garment'church ,i just deleted him off my Facebook wasn't even bothered.

We didn't quarrel oh nothing ,no issue i just took it like he wanted to settle down real quick and i wasn't ready so he should moved on,no troubles ,no beef at all.Most times he sends me texts,to check up on me i just ignore them.

But my woe now is that since i broke off from that relationship its been one issue to the other, i lost my job, my savings, my car,i had to settle for a fairly used car.
I didn't really attribute it to my past relationship was just pushing through the saying that life is up and down,you know you can go through a rough part and the bounce back nothing major.

But the downs has refused to rise. I have been down now since 2014,no job no man nothing .

I have gone to deliverance, prayers,Lagos,abj,TB joshua,Mfm, still, its been one disappointment or the other,I have had several opp to hit big deals but the luck is not just coming always one slight issue or the other.

Some say its a foundational issue, some said i have a delayed but very great destiny,some say it was someone i accommodated bc i see her in my dreams sometimes for no reason, we don't have issues she's good and good she got a big job and parked .
They all have different stories that i had to forget about pastors and prophet's and go to my God my self

I reflected on my life and went silent to my God for one week i come out to pray at night for God to hear me,i cried i worshiped, i begged him to forgive whatever sin i may have committed knowingly or unknowingly but God seems to be far from me,unlike those times i prayed and he answered me .

I have prayed for several issues believing God with so much faith and all i get is disappointment he said no one would call his name and end up in shame but he seems to be quiet on my case ,i have fasted ,done personal prayers,opportunities keep coming i keep loosing them.

Most times i would be the best out of all with the highest chance but I would still loose out and those with lower qualification gets taken.
My house accommodation is on my neck.

Am running mad, depressed, i had to think about my life and remembered it all started from when i left my past relationship. I even changed my location from Lagos to abj,still the same issues.

I need God's help i need prayers ,i need to feel the God i am serving plz, i need to meet a real man or woman of God bc i dont want to loose faith in God, after my last disappointment from an appointment i had, my sister said to me, na wa o, upon all the prayers way u pray and sleepless night this thing no fair o, and i couldn't help but cry . I still believe nothing is too strong for God to do.and i would not end up in shame.

If anyone have any real man of God around would love to get the contact.

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My Life Has Been Stagnant Ever Since I Turned Down My Ex-Boyfriend Proposal My Life Has Been Stagnant Ever Since I Turned Down My Ex-Boyfriend Proposal Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on November 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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