My Wife Betrayed My Trust In Her. Please Help!!!!

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I had a child out of wedlock and when i met my wife, I told her and the mum and they said okay, five years into our marriage my wife told the sister, in fact all my secrets with my wife, the sister knows.

Not that she did it in private but made a call to her in my presence, was my life secret with her but now her whole family knows, even if they know before, no problem but now making me to know they know, I just hate her.

The love i had for her died immediately, I see her more as a room mate now as she irritates me, our kid just bond between us.

What happened......what is the cause of our problem, it's a pity but she has had 9 miscarriages and i told her I'm tired of hearing that news, well she flared up and said she will be packing out, any small problem she packs her bag, well i told her if she packs, i will go and bring my ex girlfriend and daughter back.

My marriage to her was a mistake, I'm just hating her everyday cause the worst i hate is my in-laws meddling in my affairs, Am i the first guy to have a kid out of wedlock, then why is she threatening me.

For five years I have not seen my daughter but now i will, if my wife wants to go, she is free to go.

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My Wife Betrayed My Trust In Her. Please Help!!!! My Wife Betrayed My Trust In Her. Please Help!!!! Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on November 14, 2017 Rating: 5

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