Please Help! My In-laws Wants To Return My Wife's Bride Price Because I Can't Take Care Of Her

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Good day Madam. Your blog is a daily tonic to some of us. If a stressed brain comes to your blog, it will surely get relief.

I never dreamt of writing a chronicle to you but right now, I have a problem which I believe can be solved by good advice from our intelligent blog visitors.

My wife and I met when we were both very young. Her late dad was against our union because of the difference in tribes but we still saw each other secretly because of the strong love we shared. Then her dad died and we finally got married even though some of her uncles were still against the union then. They promised to show us what stuff they are made of for disobeying the dead man who had warned us.

We struggled and later had a child. Initially things were not so bad in our home, she was working while I was into business. Two years after, I was duped by a business partner, her company also closed down, and she took a teaching job.

 This affected me so bad, my business had crumbled after what my partner did. I later did different kind of odd jobs and saved up to start another small business. Another two years passed, fire gutted my place of business.

As I write, I am struggling and doing all kinds of odd jobs again to put food on the table. My wife's salary is very small but we try and eat well. She was supportive initially but now the whole stress is showing on her and she have lose weight.

She is now very frustrated I pity her most times, she lashes out at me at the slightest provocation, curses me anyhow and reports everything to her people. Her mum came for a medical treatment in the state where we live and she saw our condition. She now returned to the village and told them that her daughter is suffering in Lagos, that I can't take care of her.

Now they have been threatening to return the bride price and take their daughter away before I kill her with suffering.

 My once loving wife is now very rude to me, she doesn't talk to me for weeks sometimes. I love this woman, she is my childhood love. Where do I start from if she leaves me?

She and our child are all I live for. I'm not a lazy man, it seems her uncles have fulfilled their promise to show me pepper. I can't find a decent job, I go round to do menial jobs and also gather landed properties and cars that people want to sell in order to sell and make money in form of commission, you won't believe that since the beginning of this year that I started, no single person have bought anything from me

But they buy lands and houses from others that advertised. I have so many business ideas but no funds to start up. To cap it all, I am always having strange dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night. I wake up 2am-3am everyday. I have prayed and fasted, one of my cousins even took me to one spiritualist who said I should go and buy the head of a cow and bring it for cleansing, I ran away as I couldn't afford it.

The main problem now is that my wife wants to travel to her village next month(December) with our child, one of her cousins hinted me that the family have planned to stop her from coming back to Lagos. That they will return the bride price to me and collect their daughter and I may never be allowed to see my child again.

Pls advise me on what to do, I live for these two, if my wife leaves me, I can't bear to live without seeing my child. Should I take her secretly from school after their exams next month and drop her with my own mum in my village? Then tell my wife that she is with my mum and that when she comes back in January, I will go and bring her.

I don't want to lose them both. I don't have the power to stop my wife from travelling to go see her people, she doesn't listen to me anymore because of my financial state, her mum will send her transport money in addition to her little savings and it's just once in a year that she travels home. Pls advise a brother. I'm losing it.
Sorry for the long story.

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Please Help! My In-laws Wants To Return My Wife's Bride Price Because I Can't Take Care Of Her Please Help! My In-laws Wants To Return My Wife's Bride Price Because I Can't Take Care Of Her Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on November 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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