Please Help! My Mum Earns Good Money But She Just Won't Take Care Of Me

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Good day Madam, keep up the good work you are doing.

Am a student, my final year. Almost a year ago, I found out about my real dad(stayed with my step dad all my life thinking he was my biological father), I understand why my mum kept it from me and honestly, am grateful I didn't know before that time.

 Now the issue is(or has been) my mum, I feel like a burden to her, because whenever I ask for money to do stuff(like make my hair, or money for handouts,pad etc), she begins to complain about how I disturb her too much and she doesn't have money, it has always been like that. My mum doesn't earn anything less than 150k, and honestly am not a materialistic person, I only ask when I need the money, when I have sef, I don't ask her.

 She could collect salary today and still swear she doesn't have a kobo. She can buy shoes, wrappers, gele etc and even collect on credit but once I ask, na problem. At a point I stopped asking, I started begging outside it even got to point I started sleeping with men for money to buy handouts and stuff.

During my i.t, i started learning how to make beads and i used the money to take i gain to take care of my self cos i was receiving almost nothing from home. Fast forward to this year, I have been begging her for over 6months to get me a laptop so I could use it to do my project, she didn't anything, when I pushed hard she said she doesn't have money.

This is a woman that sold one her landed properties for almost 4million last month so I don't really understand. I begged her to help me with capital at least so I could establish my business in school so I won't be 'disturbing' her every time, she refused. I just left her office some hours hours ago, its the same story and they were just paid salary.

 Honestly, I am so tired of it all, I don't want to go back to being a runs girl but it seems at this point, I don't have a choice. People outside feel am well taken care of since am the only child but I am dying inside. And I feel like am going to wake up one day and commit suicide if I don't speak out.

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Please Help! My Mum Earns Good Money But She Just Won't Take Care Of Me Please Help! My Mum Earns Good Money But She Just Won't Take Care Of Me Reviewed by Elora Akpotosevbe on November 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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