Please Help! My Wife Is Frustrating Me

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 Please I need your advice

I dated my wife for four years before marriage, few months to our marriage, my wife tested positive to HIV, I went for the test but I tested negative, but I promised to stand by her, and we kept it a secret, we got married and she is taking her drug well.

 I made sure I provide everything she needs as she isn't in working, Infact she is the one in charge of my salary, I can't remember the last time I bought something for myself, I was working for her and the kids, but my wife doesn't seem to appreciate that.

She complains whenever money is no enough. I was advised to always come for HIV test every six months, before she is always happy whenever I test negative, but later on she started saying stuffs like, hmm you are lucky, and always gloomy anytime we went for the test, and I always assure her that even though I'm negative I can never leave her ...

I'm a state worker, but I've not been paid salary since February, and I'm seeing the other side of my wife, she is always nagging, I've borrowed money from people I'm not even supposed to borrow from, but she Is always complaining.

She took the kids to her mother house, for which I'm grateful for because we can't afford to cater for them for now, just last week a friend gave me 20000,i gave it to my wife without removing a penny, thinking she will get some food stuff, cos there is nothing at home only for her to say she sent the money to her mother, well I can't blame her for that because she has been the one taking care of them since July, but I was angry cos she said she bought wig to fix, I was mad with her and I told her that she not helping me, there is nothing she didn't say.

 I did taxi driver for some months just to make ends meet, until the car develops some faults,, she packed her load and went to her mother, I decided not to call her, but after some days I went there to see her, only for her mum to tell me that she has gone to Abuja, I called her but she didn't pick up.

 Then after some time she came back to tell me she can't continue to be with me, I told her that she should be patient that everything will still be OK, do you know what my woman told me, that even if my salary is paid, will it be enough to settle all the bills, I feel like dying, nothing is left for me to hold on to.

 I'm angry at myself, the government, my wife and everyone.. I've not called her since and she also have not called, I called the mother and she told me that she has gone back to Abuja, but the kids are still with my mother in law, I can't even go and see the children, I don't have anybody to talk to, cos I don't want to expose our secrets, even the mother is not aware of her status. Please what do I do. I've been crying since, how do I rearrange an empty space?

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