Touching True Life Story Of A Lady That Got Marriage Right The Third Time

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The story begins in the sleepy town of Benin City where a young lady fresh out of the university with the world as her oyster finds love in the most unlikely places, in the arms of a young police officer. Her father wouldn't have it, her mother wouldn't hear of it and it was over her brother's d**d body that she would be with a police man.

As providence would have it the young police man was posted out of the ancient city for training much to the delight of her family.

The young lady was not thrilled about this but she had no choice in the matter as her lover had chosen a career in law enforcement and needed the training to get ahead. Sooner than later the NYSC came calling and she was posted to Kaduna state where her elder brother was a big shot banker. She was young and in love; like people of her age she tried to make her relationship with the police officer work but it seemed like it was not meant to be.

She settled quite nicely in Kaduna state and considered living there after NYSC as it was now her new home and she was quite fond of the chilly town. On a routine visit to her brothers office, One of his big shot customers was pining over her on this faithful day, he was an Alhaji from Kogi state with three wives and he intended to make this young lady wife No. 4. Alhaji loved our darling Corper and took good care of her; he was also magnanimous to her family and they all loved him.

Alhaji got his new wife to be a lovely apartment in Kaduna, put her on an allowance and visited her frequently, while making plans for their wedding ceremony. At this point in her life, she had forgotten about her young lost love and why shouldn't she? He was a police man and the future just seemed brighter with Alhaji and she walked gallantly into this future Alhaji painted and her family was quite happy with her plans. Alhaji did not disrupt her life and was delighted at the thought of marrying a graduate.

NYSC came to an end and no one was as delighted as Alhaji. His investment was about to give him the greatest return and above all the greatest satisfaction literally. All this was not meant to come to fruition as our young lady bumped into her old love the police officer in Kaduna; He's now a lawyer with the police and was visiting Kaduna on official police business when the chanced encounter happened. The excitement was so palpable and the sexual tension so visible you could cut it with a knife giving the pieces to couples that needed to revamp their relationship.

Mr policeman lit a fire in the young lady that had not been there for over a year that she was with Alhaji and she decided to keep the flame burning with our policeman. She spent all her time with Mr policeman while he was in Kaduna and as his time to leave for Ogun his duty post got closer, he muted to his girl that they should elope. Until this point, it just occurred to her that she completely forgot about Alhaji her benefactor all these months.

Alhaji had been nothing but a God-sent and the thought of hurting him troubled her greatly and gave her sleepless nights but the touch of the Policeman gave her the feeling of happily ever after just like in Disney cartoons and she knew reality was a lot less forgiving and tolerant to such betrayals.

Our young lady summoned up all the courage she could muster and told Policeman everything that transpired in her life while he was away, including the decision of Alhaji to marry her and the fact that she was pregnant for Alhaji. Yes i said it, Madam was pregnant for another and needed to make a decision between Alhaji and the policeman. Quick question at the point, who are you guys rooting for? Alhaji or Mr policeman!

Mr policeman was not having it, the thought of loosing his queen again was not going to happen. He hoffed and he puffed, begged and threatened, cried and presented his case for them to elope and start a new life in Ogun state. He was prepared to be father to her unborn child and husband to his bride after all Alhaji had 3 other wives and kids so he should not be greedy. He could also donate a child after all he loved his graduate girl and wanted her to be happy and she was happy with the police man.

Our young lady accepts the proposal of the policeman and takes flight with him to Ogun state without informing anyone even her family, got married and started a family of her own. Their marriage was blessed with the child (son) Alhaji donated and a daughter.

They lived happily for years until Alhaji decided to wake sleeping dogs... Alhaji threatened heaven and earth to find his missing bride and child and he kept true to his threats. He told his banker who happens to be the elder brother of his former fiancee to produce her and his child as he did not know the sex or else he would lock him and his parents up and make them pay heavily for all he has ever done for them.

The parents and brother at this point were taken by surprise as they did not know the whereabouts of their daughter. Alhaji made the bank sack his friend to show he means business.

After much effort, the girl was located and told that Alhaji wanted his child back and was not interested in her anymore . The decision to get the child was more of a payback and this was a master stroke by Alhaji.

 The boy in question was now a teenager and the policeman was not having it as his whole family never knew the child was not theirs and it would be devastating not just to the child but the policeman as well. He wanted them to challenge the Alhaji in court but his lovely wife felt guilty and just wanted to do the right thing and informed her son who his father is and took him to Kogi.

Her son has known the policeman as dad for years and this made the policeman believe he had a shot in court to retain custody of the child but this plan was defeated by his wife. The in-laws went berserk and the lovely marriage ended as the man denied he was aware the child was not his to save face with his family. He filed for a divorce and that was the end of their story.

Things became so rough for her as a single mother of two, although Alhaji took care of her son while her ex husband took care of her daughter. But it wasn't like before, her world came crumbling down with no hope, fears and doubt for the future.

Nothing seemed to work for her from this point, she was depressed and unhappy. She asked herself how she got here all the time, she started her life being beloved and now shes all alone. she had near success syndrome, people promised and failed her, life was hell on earth for her, so she made up her mind to take the church route. She joined a Pentecostal church where you have to pray down your enemies by fire. Still nothing worked.

What can be her way out from this cross she has carried. How can she unburden herself from this mess, how can she make a meaning from life. How can she feed, provide for her children at-least the basics and how can she pay for a roof over her head. she truly had 99 problems? Was it so foolish of her to give a man a child that's not his even though he's aware of it? Should she have terminated the pregnancy from the get go knowing fully well Alhaji knew she was pregnant for him. Let me stop asking these questions and face my narratives. She had gone to so many churches, done so many fast, prayed in the mountain, yet no solution to her problems. She resulted to leaving her faith with God.

One day at the wee hours of the night, she woke up to say her prayers as she would normally do in a loud and resounding manner, with claps as thunder and rebuking enemies by fire, she stirred up curiosity among one of her neighbors and that was the beginning of new chapter for her. The next day, this God sent neighbor, visited her and started asking her why she prays so loud at night and hardly ever let people sleep in peace.

Her neighbor asked "have you ever identified your enemy ever since you started praying?" she opened up to her neighbor, giving an account of the events of her life. Her neighbor gave her an advice not so many would have given to her, that is to go look for Alhaji and seek his forgiveness as she hurt him and she needed to right the wrong she had done to nature to restore balance. A sincere i'm sorry might just be enough to turn her situation around. So hard to do right, better said than done.

There's no running away from your past and as long as your son lives. Alhaji is very much part of your life as well. So she summoned up courage, traveled to Kogi state Nigeria where Alhaji lived, begged him for forgiveness and he forgave her (I am not so sure if it was immediately though).

Finally, her son graduated, got a well paid job, took care of her and his sister, flew her out to United Kingdom one or two times. And in one of her visit, at the airport she met a British man who couldn't get over her. He invited her over to his country and a relationship started. He got married to her and she moved to the UK, her permanent site now where life changed for good for her.

N/B: This is a true life story.

Source: Stella Dimokokorkus Blog

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