How I Went Through Countless Challenges In My Marriage But I Never Gave Up

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A dear friend of mine sent this message, she went through alot in her marriage. But she never gave up. God was her strength.

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Few months after my marriage my hubby went bankrupt.The company he built with his partner when he came back from Europe went bankrupt.

I was in school for my post graduate studies, no savings,no money no help. I could'nt tell my parents that i had to stay with them cause there was no money to pay for rent in school. House rent in lagos expired cause we moved in to a new house almost a year after the wedding

It was tough very tough, no words to describe what we went through that period.Especially my hubby cause I was with my parents, i was catered for. Sometimes i had to send my t fare my mum gives me for school to my hubby.

I didn't stop praying, we didn't stop asking God for help. I remember my hubby saying at that point he can do anything even to push wheel barrow in the market just for us to feed.

He went to our pastor and told him he needed money to get handkerchief to hawk. My parents found out,my siblings found out. My younger sis sent about 10,000. My mum paid our house rent, my hubby will go out everyday with the 10,000 looking for what he can do with it. One of our prayer session I reminded God of our seeds before the bankruptcy.

The ones I have been sowing before marriage.Our car we sowed,everything I got from my wedding to the point that I couldn't stop mentioning the seeds sown.

My friends who knew my plight asked me what my husband loves so much, i told him driving and the guy said there are alot of people looking for drivers. I told my hubby, and he responded, and even joked that he can do danfo aswell.

The next day we went out looking for a driving job. We got some offers, we were excited. But they did'nt contact us again. He started hustling buy selling statoneries.

After two years, one of his friend that he lost contact with saw him.

My hubby shared all his troubles and issues with him, his response was favorable, he asked how he can be of help. My hubby said he wont mind driving. This angel bought a bus instantly and gave my hubby with 40k. My hubby started driving the bus as a means of transportation service.

That period i was doing my masters, but financial stress did'nt allow me finish up, i knew i was'nt going to collect my masters certificate, how could i? My mum offered to help again but i refused cause she had just retired and i could not collect that huge sum from her.

Driving business started, my hubby was excited once again, he started making 10k everyday and usually remits it all to his friend, after some months, his friend found out that he was remitting the complete money and he was honest. So his friend was overwhelmed and decided to share it equal giving my hubby 5k per day.

My hubby started bringing home 5k everyday. Things became so rosy again, we could now eat balanced meals everyday. We paid out tithes and even gave out food to people. We fed a family for months, this period that things brighten up.

After 11 months his friend decided to leave the bus for us.He bought the bus for about 800k during 2010, we gave him back 500k through the 5k per day arrangement and he left the bus for us. Things started changing, the bus became our ATM machine, we rented our house once again and started paying the bills.

Surprisingly, this same friend of his openned a shop for him and stocked it up with goods worth 2.9million. My hubby is into lubrication business now and it has been worth while.
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