Meet Jason Njoku, CEO Iroko T.V

Meet Jason Njoku, born 1982, is a Nigerian internet entrepreneur, and is CEO and founder of Iroko partners, the largest distributor of Nigerian music and movies online, he's worth $30million. Jason studied at the University of Manchester and grew up in the UK, He is presently one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in Africa.

Grew up in the U.K studied chemistry at University of Manchester.
While he was studying chemistry at the University of Manchester, he was also pursuing entrepreneurial activities. He used to run club nights, trying to earn extra cash to pay for his student life, standing outside bars until 3 a.m. handing out fliers to students, urging them to come to his nights. Sometimes people came in their droves, other times it would be just him, one or two mates and the bar staff and he came home broke, wondering what went wrong.

See What He Said About Being A Hustler In An Interview:
I’m a hustler at heart and it wasn’t a conscious decision to be an entrepreneur. It was just something I had always done and expected to continue doing after my degree.

 I knew I didn’t want to work for “the man.” In fact, in all honesty, I genuinely don’t think I could keep down a regular job. I’m brutally honest about the sort of person I am—curt, belligerent, intense, egotistical—I could go on. But I’m also astute, hard working (stupidly so), creative and have no fear of failure. Add up my personality traits and business skills and they don’t lead to a 9-5 job, they lead to a life as an entrepreneur.

As an Igbo boy entrepreneurship was always going to be part of what he does. He has been fired from most jobs he’s had, so working for himself and building a sustainable company that held his interest was an absolute necessity. And he had no wish to work for ‘the man’. Never.

He says being an entrepreneur is awesome in every sense – even the challenges he face every day gives him a massive buzz and what he’s been able to build in iROKO Partners over the past years is incredible. He knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, he knew that it would be to do with media / the Internet but he never knew it would be in the realm of african entertainment.
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