The Reason Why You Must Forgive

Five months ago, while in chuch, the pastor preached about forgiveness. It’s sad to know that so many people are nursing unforgiveness in their hearts. Everyone must have been in a situation where you became so grieved by someone’s acts to you and you’ve concluded that you’ll never forgive that person till you get to the grave.

The pastor gave a vivid example that was quite pathetic.

A lady came to him for counselling, she kept nursing unforgiveness in her heart against her dad because she was so bitter.

The pastor became inquisitive wondering what could have gone wrong, she openned up to him, saying when she was born to her parents, they both seperated, the mum had so much resentment against her dad.

 She grew up in a tough situation, but it turned out that her dad was quite rich, when she got admission into school, she was in dare need of finance for her school bills. Her dad refused to assist her, at one occasion, he drove her out of his house.

When the burden became so much, she went to him again, but the dad insisted that he would only help her if she agrees to sleep with him.

She left again, confused, frustrated and sad, wondering how she can indulge in such kind of incest.

But things became much tough and harder for her and she had to succumb to her dad’s request.

Her dad eventually slept with her, he met all her needs in school and he continued till she graduated.

This was the reason she became so bitter against her dad.

The pastor said after he counselled her, she eventually forgave him.

No matter how bad the situation is, you just have to forgive, because unforgiveness can cause unanswered prayers and hindrance to breakthrough.

There was this lady that unforgiveness caused her an untimely death. She died almost 4 years ago, it was all over the news at that time.

Her husband impregnated the househelp and she was the bread winner of the house. She was a business woman and was very wealthy. So she got rid of the maid, and sent her husband packing.

She started dating a younger guy who was more interested in her wealth. The guy eventually killed her and stole some of her properties, including her cars. It was while he was trying to abscond on his way to Ghana that he was caught.

The lesson here is that, if she had forgiven her husband and accepted the child, she would still be alive.

Unforgiveness can cause more problems in your life, just let it go.

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